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First Things I've Forged

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Here's some of the first things I've made after starting forging this year.  Nothing great, but I'm learning.



Some S hooks.  I did all 6 in an assembly line effort.  Learned a lot by drawing each one out, then rounding them.  I was happy that I could draw each one out & round it one heat.  I'm obviously still working on my scrolls.  Scrolling tongs helped a lot.


Here's a stocking holder post I made.  The hooks were a freestyle thing because I needed to have the hook angled out more in order to have the stockings hang right when full of goodies.  Getting all four to match was a challenge, but marking out my stock ahead of time helped as well as keeping them on the long stock while working them vs. using tongs.  It's the design style I was going for so I was happy with them. 



The last is a hall tree restore that will be a present for Christmas.  I removed the original hardware and put my own hooks on it. They were a challenge due to all the different shapes I had to forge.  Sorry the pictures are not the greatest.  My camera didn't like the lighting.  I left them with a rustic finish. 

One thing I learned from both of these projects is that in the future I'm going to punch depressions where the screws go to hide them and make drilling easier.  I'm having a lot of fun trying and am just glad I've made some things that I can put to use right away.




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A great start! Nice how you have upset the ends of the hooks to avoid sharp points.

As Thomas said, you can countersink the holes so the screws lie flush. If you don't want to use Philips head screws you can square off a couple of lag screws in the forge and they look good.

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Your hooks are lovely and reveal artistic talent!  As has been noted you do need a countersink and some practice with it.  I would suggest that your hall tree hooks be refined in future by working a stronger profile where the hook projects from the post.  I would also suggest that you forge the tails of the hall  tree hooks into a short hook so that you have a double hook finish.  It’s really nice work, but you will get better!  Forge ahead!

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All great constructive comments guys, thank you.  As a newbie it's always a risk to post your rough work knowing there are guys here who are just doing phenomenal work in steel.  But hey we all start somewhere and my hope was that I'd get some good advice and may even encourage another newbie who'd look at it and say "Hey, I'm making better stuff than this guy so maybe I'm not doing so bad!"  :)

Bigfoot, I originally planned to have a smaller hook instead of a scroll but I decided to go with the scroll in the end.  If I were selling it, definitely there should be a second hook for hats or a scarf or something.  I do agree that the profile is a bit odd and should have a top part that the hook emerges out of.  All great suggestions for the next time around.  I think too that I should have done some research here to see more common designs for hooks like this one.  The ones I took off were similar in design, but mine are marching to their own drum beat for sure which may not be a good thing unless someone is looking for that.  

Ausfire, Thomas:  Yes, I really should countersink those screws and I like the idea of squaring off lags in the forge.  All good ideas.  

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