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Purchased a mouse hole.

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If the Pritchel hole is original and not drilled later it was made after 1830. The weight is Imperial Hundred Weight. First number is multiples of 112#, second number is multiples of 28# and the third number is the remainder in lbs. 1- = 112lbs plus zero for the second number plus 12lbs for the third = 124lbs. She's a beauty! how's the rebound?

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Well I only brought my 5 lb hammer to test. But it bounced very well overall. I tested multiple places. I am ready to get it strapped down and start hammering. I think I made a fair offer on it. It wasn't for sale..I asked.


The hole, best I can see, isn't not drilled.

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You determine the weight by weighing them.  The weight stamping is probably only "close".  

English anvils used the CWT system until fairly lately, now Kg I believe.

Swedish may have pounds or Kg, (pounds for export to the USA anvils)

American anvils will have weight in pounds.

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