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Noob Needs Help :) in Gauteng

Claude Brandon

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Hello, I want to start blacksmithing as a hobby, I am in Benoni , Gauteng in South Africa.

Is there anyone that can advise where to get the components in Gauteng to build a Porpane Forge. I have surfed the internet but here in Gauteng it is like looking for the hen to find it's teeth.

Any help would be appreciated.

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21 hours ago, Steve Sells said:

You have already posted this in 3 sections.  Do NOT make multiple posts all over we call that spamming.

Well my apologies good sir, my intention was not to spam but to gather information, I assumed I was posting in the correct forums with my request before I found the forum with South African members.

Your "Warm" welcome is appreciated , I will ensure not to "SPAM" your groups with my stupid requests.

Good day to you.

21 hours ago, Charles R. Stevens said:

There are some members in South Africa. 

Plumbing fitings, mig welding tips and insulative refractories. 

Who sells plumbing fittings? Who sells welders and Consuables? Who rebuilds boilers or supplies potters or such?

Thanks Charles, I will investigate more along those lines, your advice is appreciated.

15 hours ago, Jasent said:

Welcome. Did I meet you on Facebook? Was given some pizza oven supply's?

LOL Jasent, was not me bud , building a Pizza oven is on my "To Do List" ,after all the wife's additions to be attended to (It never shrinks for some reason, go figure :) )

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