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Ok so for those who don't know I am using a JABOD Forge  and my fuel is charcoal of course, now me and my dad and a friend of ours that is on the same volunteer fire department as us coon hunt pretty heavily, and currently the way we have our dog pens setup the dog pens are approximately 40 foot away, from my forge and my charcoal making pit(obviously the forge doesnnt make to much smoke but the charcoal making pit makes a pretty large amount) and we are considering moving the pens a little bit closer so that we can have 3 pens instead of 2 without having to buy another pen, after moving them the pens will be about 30-35 feet away, and i know yall may be only making educated guesses but i wanted to know is could the smoke from the forge and the charcoal making pit mess up our dogs sense of smell?

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You may want to build a retort with the capability of burning some of the volitiles being forced off. If you look at what the black powder guys are doing (those who make their own powder) they make high quality willow charcoal. 

Esentualy they catch the smoke coming out of the wood being converted and direct it back under the pile were it burns pessimist the amount of fuel needed. 

This assumes your not just using a fire and grabbing hot embers for your forge, then I would be tempted to make a fire place forge high with an oil drum. Easy enugh to put a few feet of 10-12" pipe ,(used grease drum?) on it to help lift the smoke above them. I don't imagine wood smoke would effect their sence of smell short term but exesive smoke will efect their health (big problem in the third world with indoor cooking fires)

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