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Integral tool holder for flypress?


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So i finally pulled the trigger on a # 5 flypree from OWA and while i am wating for it to arrive i have been reading up on tooling. I made it to ron reils page on flypress toolong through ABANA and saw his integral tool holder wich is just a extra tool holder clamped into the tool holder that is allready stock on the press ? Is there a good reason for this? It seemes to me if top tools are made correctley with a flange so the force is on the ram face not the end of the tool. Then this tool holder idea is just a silly way too waste 3" of working room. Or am i missing somthing?

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Greetings Du,

      Yep you are missing something.. Various tool holders have different functions. Many are designed to hold smaller diameter punches and drifts. You really don’t need a full stroke for many projects. Where in Mich are you located? I have several different holders that I have made up over the years. Welcome to fly press 101.. 

Forge on and make beautiful things 







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That is what i thought the article i read described a tool holder that had the same size hole as the ram just to protect the ram. 

I am short a lathe so i had planned on purchasing some 1" 1018 round for tool shanks so i can cut and weld it to 1/2" plate to bear the impact on the ram face then weld whatever tool onto the face of the plate . 


Should i concider paying a machiene shop to make a couple of holdrrs for me ? 


Do you use your holders in the ram and let tools bottom out in the holders? 



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Find a good source of tooling material cheap and then make a tool holder that fits!  I did mine by asking a friend who was a hobby machinist.  MUCH cheaper than having a shop do it and a good return on investment for sharing my scrap pile with him and helping move stuff in his shop...

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