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This is a scuplture I did last year, '07, and had it in a local art show. (3 counties were involved) It now resides at the office where my wife works. There is a 2" solid ball "Trapped" in the tray. You can move the ball around but not remove it from it's confined area. Hence the title "Trapped". The main shaft is 1"rd. and the piece passing through it is also 1"rd. I forged the end perpendicular on the end of the 1" to form the tray. The copper piece is 1 1/4"rd. I ran all through a spring swage to form the 'wings' and since the copper was larger and softer it caused a wider 'wing'. The piece with the knot is 5/16"rd., I think, might be 1/4". Darn, it's tuff getting old! I have also modified this piece to have the copper passing through the 1" at the same location and bradded on the backside.

Tommy_Dean_Trapped_1-22-07_1.jpg Tommy_Dean_Trapped_1-22-07_3.jpg

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Thanks guys.
Yes, I used my 25# LG for part of it but ended up forging most by hand. The material was part of a shaft from a 9 stage pump that had been scrapped. SUPER HARD!! Will make Much better hammers or other striking tools, definitely NOT for art work!

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