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Looking for a good used Hand Blower and more Info on Salt Potting.

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What with the gearing and all you should be able to build a hand crank blower for only about several times as much as it would cost to buy one. OTOH I have seen a set up where someone used a bike frame and wheels to get the gear up to drive a small squirrel cage or home built impeller fan.

For salt potting look into the various sword/knife based forums, there was a lot on it at sworforun.com bladesmith's cafe back several years ago.

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Here are a couple pics of home made blowers in Viet Nam.

One pic is a blower mounted and in use in a sidewalk smithy.

The other pic is a stack of them.

I don't recall who posted the pics or where; here maybe MAF, I don't recall.




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