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    Seattle,Indiana, & Eylat
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    I was raised on a Clydesdale charger Ranch on Mt ST Helens Taught farrier work and carpentry
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    Mythology, Ancient History, Language, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, ancient tools
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    Psychologist, College professor
  1. Thanks Mates, These ar a great start!! I appreciate it!
  2. My next major project is a Birthday gift for my Twin brother for our 40th. It is gonna be a carpentry and blacksmithing combo; a treasure chest. I want to create a nice iron bound wooden chest with all handmade accoutrement. anyone got a line on some nice plans for such a creature? I also have never made a padlock before and would love some nice plans for a good medival-renaissance padlock. ANy Help is appreciated!
  3. As with Steve, I would look to preparation of the stock for the billet and forging temperature first. ANd, As Rich says, it can take awhile to get the hang. I have been smithing a longtime and have no probblem with welding regular work, but I still get nixed by blade welding sometimes. It takes patience and pratice mate.
  4. Grew up smithing my own tools and farrier work around the kibbutz i grew up on
  5. Sandalphon


    I agree with Jimmy, with the exception of spikes marked as High carbon (they have a little HC mark on the head) and these are good for utility blades like tomys or small hatchets and utility work knives that take a beating anyway. But, not good for 'higher' quality blade roles.
  6. I'm with frosty on this one, I plan more indepth stuff, but tend to let the everyday basics go, unless it has been awhile since I did that particular kind of process. Nice A-team Pun Frosty:o
  7. Hofi, Todah Rabbah Ve sipur metzuyan! it is nice to finally see the difference! Also, Will the cast hammer be as flaw free with a small at home foundry as with your more indultrialized setup, if I were to try one myself?
  8. Hey All, Any ideas on where I can get blueprints for a hand blower or get one used, or good how to plans on salt pots? Appreciate any help.
  9. Here is a very easy Tomahawk/Throwing axe from an HC rail spike: Click Here then go to #12 Goto the entry for "throwing Ax" Entry #12 from the top. This site is also a great general reference for many adaptations on tools designs and other projects
  10. College Professor and Psychologist. I have been ponding Iron and making my own woodworking tools since I was a kid. Been Off the metal for a few years and looking to get back into it. Bear with me if my knowledge lapses do to dysfunction:)
  11. So, If you are wanting an outdoor finish and want the metallic natural patina to show through, You would????? 1) Laquer or Varnish?? Or some other clearcoat for outdoors. Any recommendations on which ones work better?
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