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coal near montreal?

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kk ouais mais st-hippolyte c'est 30 mins de plus de route, mais c est quoi tu veut dire par slow service a h riendeau? like they wont have what i need in stock or you mean they are just slow to serve you over there? aussi sais tu si c est le meme prix? en passant merci aussi pour les info j apprecie beaucoup

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I'm from Manitoba and found it much, much cheaper to drive down to the States to pick up Coal. I see Montreal is only about an hour North of Vermont, I'm sure there is a town near the border that you can find it in. I got mine from Tractor Supply co. Its anthracite, but it suits my needs just fine.

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tractor supply in malone new york is maybe even closer to you than st hyppolite for you and its 7$ for 40lbs just let us know how much they charge you at the boarder to bring it into Canada :) 

Wow I just saw how old this tread was hope this guy found some coal lol

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