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Questions about dimensions


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My son has gotten to the point he wants to work on projects "alone" just with supervision.  My plan for this is to build a new rectangular forge so that i can work from one end while he works from the other.  Dimensions id like to build it to are 8" wide by 3" high by 15" long with a 3/4" t burner placed at 5" from each end (2 burners total) centred and pointing straight down.


Reason for it being so wide is so that we will both have full length use of rhe forge when working opposite sides.

My questions are this.

1.  Is 3" enough room for the burner to not impenge on the floor or should i make it a little taller.

2.  Is there better positioning for the burners then centered and vertical 5" from each oppening. (keeping in mind this is being designed for two people to work at once).

3.  I know cubic inch to heat ratio i have way more than needed however with this length and only being anle to partial close each side do you think 2 burners is enough or should i go up to 3?

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I have had students in my shop, using my forge, some entering from each end with no problems.  I don't like square forges because of the inherent hot spots.  With a round forge the burners can be placed on a tangent, creating a swirling flame and more even heating.  Check out the Build a Gas Forge at the Forge Supplies page on my web-site.  You can find the URL and e-mail address on my profiles page.

Let me know if I can help you.


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