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I Forge Iron

Knife 385


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Truly Beautiful & Happy Easter!
Thank you pete46, :)

This is a great piece of work. I sure have a lot to learn.
Thank you tompdw, me too! ;)

Stunning work, Stefano !!

I applaud you...
Thank you John, very kind of you, a cordial regard, Stefano :)

Did you encounter any special problems, or use any unique techniques in the creation of this piece that you could share with us.
Just starting, any advice or tips.
Thanks Mark
Thank you Mark, I wold like to do it, but my English is not so good! The phase most difficult has been that to join the concave workmanship of the blade to the slightly convex faces of the point. And the same questions are made to me on all the Italian forums!... A cordial regard, Stefano ;)
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Thank you very much Shaun,
No, never tried a katana because I could not temper it myself and because my "laboratory", is constituted of two little rooms, each one, is 150cm x 150cm... (3800 inches x 3800 inches)!
A cordial regard and a pic (I do not like this pic, but you can see how little is my den :D, Stefano :)


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