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I Forge Iron

PBS Documentary on Armor making


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My wife, the spinster, particularly liked the section on the indigo dyer, particularly where it shows her walking through an industrial hemp field about twice her height with a beatific smile on her face. Me; I've watched the swordsmithing many many times.

I'm thinking there are probably other Nat Geo ones out there if you searched for them...

Distractions for sick kids are a parents lifeline!   Audio books are another and our local public library has both books on disk and downloads you can get when signed up for them.  I was old school as a kid; had to read Lord of the Rings on paper and there are times when that is too much when you are ill.  Of course we probably have a generation growing up never knowing who Tom Bombadil  is.

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Nor the scouring of the Shire... 

I read all 3 from my dad's 1950's paperbacks, plus his 40's The Hobbit. He got them from his dad. I used to be a voracious reader, then I got my drivers license... funny how growing up 25 miles from town does that to you. Between video games, books, documentaries, and a good bike I was golden. Heh, used to ride the 3.9 miles (had an old odometer on my bike) to my friends house pretty regularly in the summer, sometimes back and forth a few times a day... wish I'd have had more exposure to smithing at a younger age, maybe replaced some of that video game time.


My daughter (7) laughed at the puppets, wowed at most everything else, and had a bunch of questions at the Kabuki section. She's one smart cookie. 

I enjoyed it all, even looking at the vintage cars and trying to recognize some haha

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