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Forge and attached cottage available

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Having been the resident smith for the last 7 years,  I am relinquishing the lease of the old forge in the village of Didbrook, GL54, and the landlord is very interested in maintaining the property as a forge.

The lease is for the forge, the adjoining 3 bedroom cottage, a sizeable shed (bigger than the forge, but no electricity or water), some small outbuildings, including a pig house, and approximately 2 acres of orchard/garden.

It is located on the Stanway Estate, in a very charming part of the north Cotswolds, 5 minutes outside Winchcombe in northern Gloucestershire.

The property is quite large, and would suit someone who is interested in perhaps keeping a few sheep, or a horse, or a small holding of some kind. 

If this might be of interest to you or anyone you know, please contact me to discuss and/or I can put you in touch with the landlord, or feel free to contact him directly yourself.

Please contact me PM for additional information.

forge building 1a.jpg

forge building 2a.jpg

forge building 3a.jpg


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People who have to run to catch horses should've stayed in school. Running and playing chase games is their game, if you want to chase them they're more than happy to play. Even our horses would run if you wanted to chase them. I took treats, a carrot will get ANY horse to walk up to you and stand happy while you slip your belt over it's neck. Just pull some grass and offer it even if they're standing belly deep in sweet green grass they'll come over and accept the offering. Horses are easy, you just have to be a little smarter.

Appaloosas were the reason the US Cavalry had to start buying Morgans so they could stay close enough they didn't need a paleontologist to follow the trail. 

There were three day trail rides Banjo would finish friskier than he started while the high dollar horses were dragging and it's not like we exercised him for long rides, he was just a dynamo. You did have to now how to get him to be unlazy though.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Yep, friends wife came from dressage horses to appiloosas, western saddles and bossals dang quick, lol. She found the same thing I have, they share the warhorse mentality with many of the European breeds. If you want to fight, they are happy to fight you, but a firm expectation and respect is returned three fold. An hour explaining how bits acualy work, and why we train horses to manage their own collection was all it took

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