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Moving a building

Don A

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Can you jack the current building up and put a pipe skid under it? Two chunks of pipe (or channel, or any misc scrap metal you have) with a couple of cross pieces with braces would work for skids. Jack the building up and put the skid under it. Then use the tractor and/or truck to move it, carefully. Get it to where you need to turn it, (remember the center of the building should be your center pivot point in the turns.) and use the tractor on one end to pull one way and the truck on the other end to pull the other way, to achieve the pivot on the center point. Or like you said, just build around it! Just some thoughts. Good luck!

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I moved a 10 x 10 shed a while back. I think early 1960's Rambler cars had a front spindle that unbolts easily, four half inch bolts, and she's in your hands. I got a set from somewhere, lag bolted the spindles to the floor joists of the shed, and mounted the wheels. I bolted a chunk o' pipe to the floor in the doorway, welded a ring to the pipe that fit around the hitch on the pick-up, and away I went.

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Wow... Dilemma.

If I'm picturing your setup right, I think the pipe roller idea should work. Sounds like you'd have to build some braces into the existing floor to make it work, but it sounds doable. When my brother and I replaced the foundation under my "shop" we did something similar.

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I agree with Dan, Yes, definitely a skid and rollers are the best way to do this, although 6 or 8 inch rollers would be fine(and easier to move) and are easy to get as fence posts at Tractor Supply or Home Depot. Just last week I moved a 12x12x8 tall building that was heavy, all 2x6 walls and I have moved several other buildings, many a large heavy machine and many a piece of three ton stone the same way.

First place to start is getting it on a solid skid or frame underneath that stick out 2 feet on each end so the rollers have something to bear on and that you can get a grip on. Often just a skid is fine to drag it around with, but with roller its easier.

Slow is the word.

I would be happy to help anyway I can.

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