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I Forge Iron

My First Picture Post


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Love the design on both, especially the hawk. I'm having trouble with the finishing also, seems to be more excitement in forging, watching the shape grow out of an ordinary piece of steel, (ugly in the case of spikes) is addictive, everything else is boring in comparison.
Did you notice a big difference between o1 and the spike as far as forging?

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I don't see a great difference in the forging. The spikes are just not a great blade material, more of a novelty. Everyone seems to have a favorite blade steel. I usually use O1, W1, or 5160. I am by no stretch of the imagination a bladesmith. I seem to get the best results with O1.

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looking good donnie! - im with you, the forging is the fun bit, finishing is a chore but ultimatley satisfying...! - ive forged some hammer heads but never an axe / hatchet - might be next on my list (as soon as i get a decent billet of 'W'ues' !)

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