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propane forge?


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If your gonna build a propane forge you need to make sure you have the basics, Usually for a propane forge you have 3 main parts. The body, the LIning and the burner.

Sounds like you have the body already. so you need to worry about the lining. There are a gob of diffrent refractories out there you can use. Kaowool(or any of the soft ceramic battings) is very populer for round shapes as you can form it in easily. You could also use a cast refractory. My first forge was Kaowool. It worked fairly well.

next you have to think about the burner. 2 main choices, Blown or venturi. A lot of people seem to be very enamored with the venturi style. It doesn't require electicity to run, but, from what I've read, uses propane a bit faster then a blown burner. I run a blown burner. It's goofy, silly easy to build one, you just need a decent blower (I scraped mine out of a HVAC company dumpster)

As someone that has built a propane forge the hard way. let me give you a bit of advise. DO NOT RUSH. my first forge I prolly only used for 15 hours. It got plenty hot, but it was too big, too fragile and the wrong shape. I started with a big fat round forge, 2 inches kaowool, ITC coating etc. I had all the parts right but I didn't acutally assemble them well. My new forge is much smaller, and rectangular. MUCH better at holding heat, much more effecient. Take your time, ask a lot of questions. once you get the answers ask more questions. Then maybe you'll know enough to ask the right questions.

Building a propane forge isn't hard, but you need to take your time and do it right. first question should be to yourself. What do you plan on making?

Hope this helps.

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i got firebrick for the inside, and am just forging small knives (under 10 inches)
i'm worried about the burner not working proper, like the fire going down the pipe into the tank (could be a problem!) what stops that from happening?


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Welcome to Iforgeiron. What keeps the flame from reaching the tank is first pressure from the tank. Second, pure propane can't burn without combustion air or O2. the purpose of the burner tube is to mix the two so it burns properly. Like KevinD posted purchase the proper plumbing, fittings, hose, etc.

Be safe

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