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Henry Wright Anvils

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Hello Group!

i have already read some very informative threads about Henry Wright Anvils on this site. Thank you to all that help educate and mentor the rest of us!

I was recently gifted my great grandfathers anvil. A true treasure that I am thrilled to posses. This anvil was used on a farm in NH. The only lettering I can make out is Henry Wright and it weighs 152lbs. It is in pretty good shape, and has what appears to be an original accessory block in the face. There are lots of small dents in one side, and a few on the other. For the life of me I cannot figure out what make those marks.

Two questions I have.

1) thoughts on what might have made those marks?

2) is it known how many of the accessories may have come with the Anvils and are they hard to find?

Any info is greatly appreciated!




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Except for a hardy that pretty much every smith used to have; hardy tooling would be bought or made by the smith to fulfill his particular needs.  There wasn't a "standard set".

Hard to find?  I've seen several hundred pounds of hardy tooling at Quad-State before and bought quite a lot from a vendor who lowered his price every day till It got down to about US$1 a piece.  I've also seen them go for $45 a piece at an auction to be used as decor---the guy was buying hardy tooling that wouldn't fit the anvil he's overpaid for earlier in the sale. (Had a cracked heel and sold for over mint condition, esp for a common style PW!) I talked with him and he only wanted it for a fireplace ornament I think that auctioneer was using his shills to get him up to the price he paid for it

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Welcome aboard Stimpi, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many of the gang live within visiting distance.

Your questions have been more than adequately answered so I won't blather more of the same at you. Very nice anvil, she's got some miles on her but she's still a beautiful old lady. NO need to do any repair or restoration! Some wire brush time will shine up her sides just fine, hot steel and hammers will put a shine on her face. Go ahead use a cup brush on a disk grinder WITH PPE AND ADEQUATE CAUTION! If you'd like to keep the clean iron look a light coat of boiled linseed oil or my favorite a coat of Trewax or Bowling Ally wax, applied when she's about fresh coffee warm. Either will keep her looking pretty and rust free. You'll still have to dust and sweet talk her with a hammer of course. ;)

Ren put those marks on her side to mess with you. :rolleyes: Do you have any powdered toast? I'm out.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank you for the replies! I will take your advise on how to clean her up and protect her Frosty, thank you! It will probably be a year before I have a space to start working with this beauty, but it will surely get some use. Cannot wait!


Jeff S.

Vernon, CT


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