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Hail from Melbourne

Loki Smith

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Hi everybody I am a brand new black smith......so new I don't have tools or a forge yet. That is something I plan on fixing very soon, Anyway I am from Melbourne Victoria and am hoping to connect with other black smiths in Australia and particularly Victoria. 

I need some information about where to get supplies in our pixel of the earth, and some handy tips wouldnt go astray either. 

Anyway It has been nice to meet you all.

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Good to hear from a fellow Australian! We are in short supply here but you will soon find that we are made welcome by our northern mates.

You will find it a lot harder to get your hands on a good anvil here but don't give up the search. I see in the other thread you have been alerted to Thomas Power's method (TPAAAT) and it does work in Australia too.

As for tools, get yourself to as many garage sales and markets as you can. Surprising things turn up there. And you are only a stone's throw from Bendigo where they have the biggest swap meet in Australia. Lots of tools on offer there, but the anvils are always WAY overpriced.

Good luck with your blacksmithing and make sure you read up on all the forums on this site. Lots of questions can be answered with a bit of research.

I have met quite a few Melbourne folk at my daily demos recently. I think they are escaping your lousy weather down there!

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