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  1. Thanks for the advice mate will be sure to head to garage sales on my weekends that I get off.
  2. Hi everybody I am a brand new black smith......so new I don't have tools or a forge yet. That is something I plan on fixing very soon, Anyway I am from Melbourne Victoria and am hoping to connect with other black smiths in Australia and particularly Victoria. I need some information about where to get supplies in our pixel of the earth, and some handy tips wouldnt go astray either. Anyway It has been nice to meet you all.
  3. Thank you all for your replies, it has given me a few things to consider. A forge I am considering to build is a propane one with a venturi inlet I seen a video by Jarom Rush on how to build his forge. As he does not ship down to Australia I want to build one similar to his design. Here is the video its pretty easy from the looks f it, just 7x7x9 inch square with a few welds and it is pretty much done. Is this something that would last a while for someone interested in building tools and knife making. Some Mjolnir pendants are already being planned. :-)
  4. Hi everybody reading this, I am 100% new to blacksmithing, I want to know what is the best way to start black smithing. I want to make my own tools so for the time being I would be using something like a store brought claw hammer to forge as much as possible until I can forge my own hammer. Also was looking at using a big thick piece of mild steel as a makeshift anvil for the time being until I am sure this is something I will want to continue. I am not sure if this is in the right section so if by chance it is in the wrong place I apologize. Thanks for taking the time to read this i
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