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    Albury, New South Wales Australia
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    Restoration of tools ( I'm not included in that ) lol knife making, forging

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  1. Welcome aboard Loki another newbie on just like me Albury N.S.W well just its on the border
  2. If you want too Roadkyll,Glenn M,just don't call me late for dinner or beer or bourbon I'm easy going hard to offend
  3. Yeah Wow most people don't even where they are some of the prettiest countryside in this country in my opinion I worked with Mian Roads for a little while out that way and fell in love with it. My name is Glenn
  4. Yeah sure did if I remember right at 2 hrs from Cairns. Brought a small property near Ravenshoe. I lived at Edge hill miss the weather and my friends but I have young family so we moved back down south to be closer to my family them a daughter who turn 2 year old next month and 3 year old son
  5. Yeah Frosty I do research everything and I try to get it close to perfect as I can Glad to hear that your well and made it through one of the lucky ones. Done 8 resuscitation got 4 back, lost 4. The EMS here as everywhere else around the world are under paid and over worked for what they have to do.I have to so many hours out in placement with them and what they are sometimes confronted with you think what is going on with people. Charles if you make it over this way you would have drop in for a beer.
  6. So very true Mate Perth is beautiful city
  7. Charles these's days I am a workplace trainer we teach fire fighting for Industry here for Emergency Response Teams,Wardens and Fire extingushers, First Aid all levels for Australia. I started life on the family farm then through my stepfather taught us how to weld and general fabrication left the did my apprenticeship as Jeweller there's probably the first introduction to casting. The forge was simple but good enough the melt 15 lbs of gold and silver.spent about 10 years doing that. Moved Cairns became a dive instructor did that for15 years been scuba diving for 40 year now.
  8. You can plant what want doesn't mean the seed going to germinate coz sometimes nothing grows in there And thank you for the offer for advice and help mate hopefully I don't ask too many dumb questions hahaha
  9. Don't worry mate all good like I said I research everything so I get it right in my mind otherwise it just annoys me haha
  10. Thanks Frosty for the warm welcome. A couple of points 1 is you that used Zircopax in the refractory for the ribbon burner to strengthen it in Australia that comes under a glaze classification the Kast-O-Lite can't find it .By reading through Material Safety Data Sheets and found a similar one The plumbing supplies here don't really carry black pipe most are made from galvanized and it's not that common either, plastic,copper and brass are but yesterday did find a 1 and 1/2 nipple in gal so going to try and use vinegar to remove unkown if it works. Managed to source nearly every
  11. Yeah definitely I know that before coming back down live in Cairns for 15 years it's like triple the freight and cheers for the welcome.
  12. Yeah mate conversion simple when I was younger we used imperial system lol and I have and can mig tig arc no pipe nipple aren't that easy to get making that part lol
  13. Thanks Guys for the warm welcome. I have source all the refractory seeing what close to what Frosty and Wayne used as I can get it here in Australia. Wil be doing a lot of testing to find the right burn nozzles and if the refractory will hold up even though found a glazing that should help as well a lot of that work has been done for me thanks to Frosty.
  14. Another newbie to this site and to blacksmithing and bladesmithing I'm from Albury New South Wales Australia Have been trolling over tons of good info on here and in the planning stages for a forge and burner. I really like the NARB but trying to find the equialent materail in Australia is xxxx hard.Even more living in a rural region nearly everything has a shipping cost which nearly cost more than the product . But nearly found all the products that should work hopefully hahaha.
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