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Info help with a post vise


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Sorry for the unclear questions. I was on my phone and thought I replied to a thread about leg vises. The question is can anyone shed some light on this vise? Perhaps the manufacturer or age. It is very old, so that's why it's interesting to me. I could get it for like 100-120 € but I already have two so I'm kind of torn. But if it's a treasure then I should buy it.

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As for age I would look carefully at the screwbox,  Was it built up out of lots of parts and then brazed together? If so it's older (not necessarily better, just older)

I learned a long time ago that I could not afford all the "neat stuff" out there and so now I try to specialize in the "Neat and Cheap!"  If you are building towards having an old fashioned smithy you have to make the call yourself; the most I have ever spent on a postvise was US$75 (and my 200+ year old one cost me US$20)

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I think the curve toward the bottom of the movable leg is unique. I can't tell how the spring is attached, and the mounting bracket is missing. The older English vises had the spring with a rectangular hole near the top and  a matching hole through the fixed leg just below the screw box. The flat bracket had a forged tenon going through both holes, and after insertion, a small hole in the tenon was used for a wedge. This method of bracket and spring attachment predated the later method of using a U-shackle for holding the spring, with a  gib key and wedge holding all together.

I suspect it was shop made by some enterprising smiths, but maybe not professional vise makers.

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