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I Forge Iron

Teen with lifelong ambition to be blacksmith


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Hi, this is my first post. Just joined today. Have wanted to be a blacksmith for as long as I remember so any and all advice would be appreciated. Watched every video I can and read books...but really want to immerse myself more.  Would love to do more than simply stand in the crowd and watch a blacksmith from the perimeter at tourist events.  If there is anyone in the East Tennessee area, whether hobby or pro, that I could visit and talk to, please let me know.  Thanks!

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Well the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America has an affiliate in that region:  From the ABANA Affiliate list:


Bob Bell
5946 Westmere Dr.
Knoxville , TN 37909 USA
(865) 690-5564

"The July Meeting is our joint meeting with the AACB.  It will be on Saturday July 15th at 9:00am at House Mountain Baptist Church. 8621 Washington Pike, Corryton, Tn 37721.  The meeting will feature a demonstrations, activities, a pot luck meal, and the best Iron in the Hat of the year.  Please bring and item to share for the meal and email crbgofficers@gmail.com with what you intend to bring so that we can cover any needs."

Doing a websearch on Clinch River Blacksmiths Guild turned up more info

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Look into the forges section, figure out if you want to use propane, or a solid fuel forge, Personally I think a solid fuel forge is easier to make, and works great, it's what I use, but gas forges have there use too. an anvil is real simple to find, any sledge hammer head, block of steel, railroad track stood on end, large axle, forklift tine, a boulder.......Get somethin to hit the hot steel with, a flea market hammer does the same thing that a $70 hammer does, or you can make that flea market hammer do what the $70 hammer does with some modification. You don't necessarily need tongs, you can just use a piece of steel long enough to hold without getting burned, something about 2-3ft is typically long enough. Then your PPE, eyes, ears, and lungs.

Blacksmithing can be as simple or complex as you make it.

What kind of things are you interested in making? tools, edged items (axes, knives,....), ornamental/decorative blacksmithing,....?

Nice thing about blacksmithing is you can make your own tools or make the money to buy the tools. No, I don't mean to start forging money! once you get good, sell some pieces for $$.

Just noticed we'se about the same age.


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hey K9 welcome aboard. i'm in middle tn, a wee tad south off Music City. There are several teenagers on the forum (i'm 17) so you're not a loner. we just moved and my shop isn't set up yet, but when it is i will try to remember to pm ya and see if maybe we  can have ya over to mess around in the shop.

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