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WIP "Blacksmith's folder"


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A fun project I've been working on; an entirely W2 construction. This one requires a good deal of force to open and close. Ideally it would be worn in a sheath already in locked position, and the folding aspect is to keep it street legal.







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That's slick Theo. Even if it weren't a locker it'd be a lot safer than the standard folder. Is there a secret squeeze or something or do you just apply force to unlock it to open or fold?

Now I'm seeing it in three sections that fit into the handle to make your folding sword. You're putting pictures in my head again Theo, you're the talk of the voices.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Awesome folder!!!  I wouldn't have though of making a blade fold like that....I would put some bearins and a detent in there and make it snap open. But I have been working of these bearing flipper lately so I am bias. And it looks like it will work well just as it is and I guess the snap opening would deffinitly hurt the legal aspect. I am pretty sure flippers are leagal as long as they aren't like a spring assist or gravity knife.....so a bearing flipper should be leagal here IF it does not have a spring....The  police will take you in and take apart the knife and if there is no sping probilly give you back a bunch of pieces and say have a good day. Or worse just arrest you and let the judge  deal with it....its just how it is here in NY....But like I said such a simple concept of the blade folding to the side but its something I would never of thought of .....GREAT job theo

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