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I just wanted to say hello.

I'm 38 years old from Nova Scotia, Canada.

I've never forged anything, but I've been cutting blades out of old saw blades and whatever scrap metals I could find since I was around 10. 

I'm looking to get started in forging as a hobby for now. I would like to make blades eventually. 



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Welcome aboard Kevin glad to have you. Check out the regional organizations section near the bottom of the Iforge opening page for a local blacksmithing organization. There are a number of Iforge members from your general neck of the woods. Every hour you spend with an experienced smith is worth many hours, days even of trying to figure it out yourself. 

If you've been making stock removal knives those are skills sets you won't have to learn. Before you start forging blades learn the basics of forging. You'll make mistakes and reduce steel to less than scrap, we all did and do. If you don't have a lot of time invested in a project it makes it easier to learn the lesson and try again. ;)

Iforge has extensive archives of posts organized by subject much written by seriously accomplished folk. If you can come up with a question that hasn't been answered repeatedly I'll be REALLY surprised.

We LOVE pics here, projects, shop, equipment, tools, scenery, well everything you'd show a youngster. 

Frosty The Lucky. 

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