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I Forge Iron

Hellow from MA.


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A friend of mine (Black Ink) showed me this forum, I have been perusing it for a couple days now and have finally decided to register. Anyone who knows Warhammer (games workshop) drop me a line and I have a funny story about my user name.

First of all; Yes, I’m well aware my spelling sucks, I’m actually dyslexic. I do my best to make my posts as readable as possible but they will never be perfect and my wife is not always on hand to proof read, so it is often left to spell check on word… So sorry in advance…

I’m pretty much new to forge work in general, Black Ink has been teaching me bit by bit when we have spare time (we happen to work together anyways). Having said that, I have been welding for eons and am pretty good general metal worker or fabrication aside. I’m also relatively handy with wood and can hold my own with fiberglass. I’m really starting to enjoy working at Black Ink’s forge thow.

My primary hobbies are Cars (I used to do American muscle back in the day but I have been on an iron block I6 kick for years now and am currently running Supras, which I started before F&F, though I want to replace my European 6 some day) and knitting, but I’m trying to get into some hobby farming. I also enjoy photography and making videos.

And just a couple of pics for the sake of pics…

This is my 92’ Supra and her 1J motor, she is gray now and much more powerful.

This is my wife and a hat I knitted for her.

My welders. I am the master of TIG on thin Al, but average to above average with most other things.

A ham my wife made, she is a chef and I’m notorious for posting pics of food at random.

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Cbreadfreshfromoven-7.jpg DSC00097-8.jpg
The ham is grate here, but it’s not just the ham, she is trying to make me fat with the breads and the turkey and the pie too…

The most evil thing she makes… You can see it a little, but she pulls the skin up and stuffs between the skin and the meat with bacon! She also puts Kielbasa in the stuffing.

Blueberry with just a touch of lemon… She makes grate apple too…

Having said that, who ells is local and wants to get together for dinner some time… I really would like to meet some more smiths and see what knowledge I can gain.
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