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I Forge Iron

my impressionist flower

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Not bad at all Bryce.

My suggestion for now is find a decent backdrop to take photos against and work on your lighting so we can get a good look at your work.

From what I could see it's pretty well done; it has feeling and the stem has nice flow. A good organic feel all round.

A little practice at the forge and anvil and you'll be turning out some very nice stuff.


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I have placed your photos into the IForgeIron gallery. This automatically resizes them to fit the forum format. The resized photos were then the linked thumbnails were placed into your text so if the viewer clicks on the thumbnail, it enlarges the photo. Click again and it again enlarges the photo to full size.

How is this done? Click here ----> Photos in the forum

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I see thanks guys it took me maybe 20 mins to make I used a migwelder to weld it

i havent made much yet and still dont have proper tongs lol

but i work after work everyday after i finish working for about 12 hours

after this post im out to the shop

I work quick and sloppy but at least i have a good time i really like doing the work itself so thats what counts to me

I have been doing this for a month maybe a bit more or less now, something like that

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Thanks sam, I try

I just look and think I want to see in, though the layers similar to a flower in its own way

then i try to line everything up in a basic line kind of

you dont really notice it but i cut a hook into one of the petals so it would block one side

today i started making a bowl out of 18 gauge steel it looks like a plate right now tomorrow maybe i can make it more like a bowl and maybe i will leave it or try for a helmet,

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Bryce that really looks great. It does look like you have a natural artistic talent. Keep on hammering! Only one slight suggestion id make...on your base maybe you could round the sharp edges a bit? I you put it on display somewhere those corners may be a nasty toe stubber lol
But it looks gr8 keep it up!
Thanks for sharing

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I like the 4th photo (the one to the right in your post). It's a great angle and really shows the sculptural forms. Of course, the shop backgrounds a bit busy for the photo. As for the base, I'd have enjoyed it if you did something along the lines of the charming rod/wire work you did for the stem. Kind of free form spiraled (like a randomized mosquito punk). It might feel somewhat "root-like". A very fun piece. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing more.

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i will admit the base was a lonely piece of scrap under my work bench i didnt even cut it lol

my flower wasnt quite upright so i tacked it on

thanks for the comments, I have a "Bowl" its more like a plate right now that is waiting in the garage for me to transform it

so its back to work

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