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Any thoughts on this burner design


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Hi Guys

I am gingerly raising my head above the parapet I am experimenting with some pipe fittings that looked like they may work as burner parts what do you think I have used a tweco mig tip 0.35" and 1 1/4 to 3/4 conical reducers for the venturi and the flare I havnt used it in a proper forge enclosure yet and the flame chemistry may not be dead right This is using LPG which in New Zealand is mostly butane with some propane in it.the first flame picture is at 5 psi and the second is at 15. Comments?






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Looks like a winner to me.  Hard to tell from the photos, but do you have a full circumferential weld at the outlet fitting (concentric pipe fitting welded to the discharge side of the mixing chamber)?  If you don't, I would highly recommend you complete the weld in that area.  I always prefer to have bubble tight joints for piping that has either gas or a gas air mixture.  You don't want fuel mixture leaks adjacent to your forge skin.

I would be interested to know where your gas orifice tip is located verses the concentric reducer at the entrance to the mixing chamber.

Try it inside a forge and see how it performs.

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Latticino thanks for the comment I thought it looked OK but I havent had alot to do with burners, Yes I need to get my forge built to see for sure but thought I would try to get this bit as good as I could before going to the trouble. You are correct about the bottom reducer not being fully welded I have been meaning to change it for a 304 stainless one for abit more oxidation resistance. Just took a photo of where the contact tip is positioned in the venturi and realised its a lincolin contact tip, The burner is quiet when running and only gets loud when taken up to or over 20 psi I just need to make another now though I see frosty is now got a good ribbon burner working and it seems to have alot of good points so Im starting to change my mind about the direction of my design maybe I should finish this first I went for the large change in section reducer to slow the flame gases down for a soft flame for more hang time in the forge. Cheers Beaver


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