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Routine anvil identification

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Hey y'all, long time no see!

I borrowed this anvil from a friend, and he was moving and graciously gave it too me. After some careful (haha) studying, I thought it might be a real arm and hammer anvil. It doesn't look like an English anvil, or a hay budden. It looks like any markings on the side have been smashed out, if there were any, but there are some on the front foot as pictured. Thank you all for the help in advance.




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Yes don't mean to intrude but I'm trying to start doing some blacksmithing,forging just getting started but I picked up this What i think is a good one It's aTrenton and I was told by the man I got it from said it was his dads and he bought it from Walden Colorado it came from around the1900s said his dad bought all the blacksmithing shop and it came bye way of covered wagons had pretty good store with it but anyway here's some pics any help would be appreciated thanks BillIMG_0382.thumb.JPG.493e299771139bd8bfaf8eb7a9748dda.JPGIMG_0375.thumb.JPG.fadf00d609f7eec13878f962bcded876.JPGIMG_0375.thumb.JPG.fadf00d609f7eec13878f962bcded876.JPGIMG_0375.thumb.JPG.fadf00d609f7eec13878f962bcded876.JPGIMG_0377.thumb.JPG.253e048b2245ab14c5731948a44f95e0.JPGIMG_0375.thumb.JPG.fadf00d609f7eec13878f962bcded876.JPGIMG_0378.thumb.JPG.a177eaad5145e872733f6e603c940c9c.JPGIMG_0379.thumb.JPG.876d20e8dd2ae4d79382ff102cdc6241.JPG


Thanks for letting me post any feedback would be great 

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Thanks really appreciate the information hope i got a good deal I gave $500.00 for it was told it came across the country by wagons in the 1900's the mans dad brought hole blacksmithing shop from Walden Colorado i believe. Hope to get few other things his dad had he's got to dig them out hope to talk soon 

PS i have ordered the Anvils in America book think I'll get a lot of information from it 

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