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clothes dryer blower??

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I have a question for anyone who has used a dryer blower on a forge. The motor says 115 volt but i thought it would be 220. there are 3 wires actually coming from the motor black orange and blue I think. I wired it up to a 120 cord and it turned fine but the motor got hot and started smoking. This could be from dust as it has been sitting open in a shop for a long time, but i am not sure. should this motor get hot within seconds.

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Electric dryers use both 110, and 220.
If you look at the plug, you will see 4 prongs.
2 are hot legs with 110 each, 1 is a neutral, and 1 is a ground.
The 220 for the drying action comes from both the hot legs, which are 110 each, and the ground. Just like a welder.
The motor, lights, and timing mechanism use 110, which comes from one of the 110 legs, and the neutral.

My guess is the hot motor came from the dust you mentioned, or is actually on it's way out.

Are you sure you wired it correct.

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o.k. the colors of the three wires that actually come out of the motor are,orange,green,and black. If i hook black to black and green to green it does nothing. If i hook blk to blk and green to green and orange to white it runs but gets very hot very quick. I tried unhooking the orange wire once it started running but it just stopped running. also If i hook blk to blk and white to orange but leave green unhooked it just hums. I'm confusing myself now.

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