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Punch press help :)


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Ok... i am working into this punch press tring to get it alive my problem is this or maybe it's not a problem ... but why does the head needs a spacer there ? and do i have to make a new one to perfet fit the empty space or is it normal to be loose ... here are the pictures with what i talk about




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Do you have the plate that bolts in front of the area where the spacer would go? Looks like the spacer would go under the adjusting screw and the plate holds it in. The better the fit the less slack you will have. That spacer should not be as hard as the adjusting screw I would imagine.

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the motion of the ram is vertical, but the connecting rods motion is 'rocking' , prehaps 10 degrees either side of vertical when the press cycles.

I think that the missing 'spacer' should be like a shallow 'ball and socket' joint. The missing piece should be made of phosphor bronze. (we call this a pitman knuckle end bearing)

this ball and socket arrangement transfers all of the energy of the press to the work, (10 or 15 tons maybee?) - it should be a nicely bedded fit.

If it has worn out in the past the old owners may have just removed the piece which is not good.

If you make a striaghtforward spacer that has no clearance something will smash when you cycle the press.


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