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Building an Anvil

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I'm considering building an Anvil like the one in the picture I uploaded, and was hoping to get some advice. I am brand new to all of this and plan to build the tools I need to get started in bladesmithing. Money is tight and I am going cheap to get me started. 

My question is, is the bottom of a railroad track hardened like the top, or will I need to heat treated. Sorry for the dumb new guy question but any help is greatly appreciated.


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Nice picture. Lousy idea. 

There are several threads on IFI about railroad track and other non-standard anvils. Please read those over; there are some great suggestions there for getting started without investing hundreds and thousands in an anvil. 

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Totally agree.. An anvil like object   is more than excellent to use for bladesmithing or even blacksmithing..    Can be very handy and with the prices of used anvils on the rise it makes perfect sense.. 


And for what it's worth the last time I worked with RR the bottoms were not hardened.. The rail material is a work hardening steel. 

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