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Need help with champion midway blower

Dylan Sawicki

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Hello, So I just got a champion midway spiral gear blower for free, but is has one two problems. The first one is that its missing a bearing/bushing. this size of the shaft that needs a bushing is 3/8 and this size of where it needs to be the overall diameter is 7/8 and an inch deep. So I was thinking can I just use a 3/8 bearing?


The second problem is that the impeller shaft seems to be a little loose, but when it has the impeller screwed on it doesn't, do I need to worry about this?




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Update: I was outside fiddleling with it and I got the impeller shaft out and its in good condition. The reason it was moving around was the nut the holds the cone on was actually of, and the balls where not where the were supposed to be. but now I don't know how to put it back together.



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Heh, heh, heh. Ain't we ALL been there. :lol:

I see two male bearing races. Where are the female races? When you find them (I'm not telling) stick the bearings to the female races with grease and put it back together. The nuts should only be tight enough to prevent lateral free play then lock them down with the jam nuts.

This is one reason I recommend people NOT take blowers apart just because they're jammed. There's usually just a bunch of crud in them from mud dauber and squirrel nests to rocks, nuts, nails and whatever the little kids found to drop in because it made a cool sound wile turning the crank.

A garden hose and GENTLY rocking the crank handle back and forth is enough to free up most jammed blowers if that fails take it to the car wash and use the pressure washer. Broken gears are typically because someone tried forcing a jammed blower but there are idgits everywhere.

Be patient and enjoy the puzzle.

Frosty The Lucky.

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