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Hey all,

New to the site and I just got myself an anvil. I have been looking at forges and I'm a nub when it comes to where to start. I have read and read but I value people opinion more than anything since you guys all have experience.

I guy is selling this near my area. Is it worth it? Or should I start with something else? What are your thoughts?

Check the link 


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The pot does not seem to fit the table. if that is true you would need to cut the hole in the table to a proper shape/size. that could be tricky in a cast iron table. if it was all original, or at least if it had the right pieces,  that would be a good price assuming the blower works well.

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Well if it isn't fully functional then you would have to put a bunch of time and possibly money into it. He didn't say if or how well the blower works.  

The fire pot looks like it isn't seated because the bracket that holds the blower to the table is off and the weight of it is leaning the whole assembly. 

You need some more info and more thorough pictures to see the actual condition. 



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