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Another Frosty T burner... my first!


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Thanks, Frosty, for sharing your design.  I finally made one today, and will tune it and try it out on holiday Monday.

I finally found  1/8" flare and had to buy a new tap (12-24), and I seem to need the extra heat for making hammers etc.  Maybe I'll be able to weld with gas as well!

i know the mig tip is too long, and it's only a 23.  Does it have to be 35?  I'll re-read the instructions but I don't think it's necessary to teflon tape the mig tip, is that right?








Edit: it seems I still have the wrong thread for the mig tip... it went in, and looked like it was right, but might have been metric.  Anyway, I'll hunt for my stash of 35 tips and endeavour to follow the xxxx instructions.

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No, no, NOOOOO :o follow the DARN instructions not the other word instructions! It's a family site we're not supposed to use THOSE words here. Don't be surprised to see it xxxed out when admin notices.

Yeah, a 0.035 mig tip will make much better heat and be easier to tune. The longer the mig tip the less combustion air is induced so one that long might induce little enough air to get a 0.023 tip work. 

The idea is to get as much fuel air in the right ratio per second burning in your forge as possible. A 0.035 jet provides about 2x the gas as a 0.023 at the same psi. At least go to a 0.030 jet.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Turns out I had metric mig tips!

i bought a decent tap... will have to make a few of these now to make up for the cost in tools, but I believe it got hotter.  Based on what I saw, maybe not not enough to weld yet, but all in due time.









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Yes, that's a 3/4" burner.  The fittings are 1/4" flare to 1/4" and 1/8" MIP respectively.  The flare at the burning end is thin walled stainless that I tack welded on.

During my travels, I found a number of different brands of fittings, and some were bigger than others (usually the space between threaded portions varied in length).  The only place that had the 1/4" flare to 1/8" MIP (the hard one to find) had loose stock in a parts drawer that looked like it was left over from WWII.  It was easier to find compression than flare.

I like the design of this burner, and I'm thinking I should double check my forge volume to see if it's just a bit larger than I had thought, in which case I'll make a second burner.  The other thing is that my regulator is a smaller kind with only a twist knob adjuster, and no gauge.  It's possible this regulator doesn't go up to 30 psi, but I don't know for sure.  I have another little air needle valve with gauge (the little ones you can use to decrease air pressure for individual tools), but I don't want to use it on propane.  Maybe I'll post a picture in case it stands out for any of you.



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