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Please advise in buying this anvil

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Good morning experts, i would like to buy an anvil and there is one in the used tools shop i use to visit, i have no idea how good it is, i took a hammer and hit it several times, he did a nice ringing sound and the hamer rebound about two inches, i did not hit it hard i didnt want to xxxx of the vietnamese seller. It seems to me brand new and about 40kilos or 90pounds more or less.

How good and how much i should pay?






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You don't hit an anvil with a hammer to test it, you just let the hammer fall from your grip, and guide the handle as it drops down. You are watching for how high, and often it bounces back. Ring alone is not a good indicator of quality. Doing it with a hammer. Takes some practice. The ball bearing test is easy for anyone to see the results. Cast steel, is good, but a cast iron anvil without a steel face is just an ASO.

The Wilton vise, and the Armstrong clamp in the pictures would be good items to get if the price is right.

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