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Ralph update October 15, 2005


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From the email:

I'm pleased to be able to give GOOD news about Ralph's condition, for a change. :)

We went up to OHSU to get the newest tumor -- in his left frontal lobe -- zapped out with "radiation surgery." We have been told for some time that they couldn't do anything with the one on the right, because they couldn't see it well enough (that's the area where he had had the bleeding, and there was still a lot of swelling and gunk in the way).

The radiation surgery was scheduled at 8:30 PM, which seemed kind of strange. His doctor finally came out at 9pm and told us the great news! The latest MRI that Ralph had with contrast (he's had so many!), showed the melanoma cells very clearly in the right side, too, so they could zap BOTH of them! What a happy surprise!!

So he had both of them taken care of in about 45 minutes!! And NO SIDE EFFECTS, except for some slight swelling and headache. We just went right back home.

So as of now, Ralph's brain has no more tumors! The melanoma is still there, but it's on a molecular level. They don't know when it will start growing again, could be just months, BUT it could be as much as one or two years!! Wouldn't that be fabulous?!

However long it winds up being, this surgery has definitely bought us some time, and I'm very grateful for it. And very relieved for now. :)

A great big THANK YOU for everyone's prayers and support!

Blessings and my warmest regards,

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