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Saying Hi!


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Joined to find out more about blacksmithing.  I have been spending the last few days reading about forges and looking at anvil stands.

I will be posting in the gas forge with my plans soon.

Thanks for looking.


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There definitely a lot of knowledge to gain from this site. Best to grab a cold drinks and something to snack on and start reading. The best thing to do if you are looking for a specific topic it is best to use Google by doing site:iforgeiron.com (key word of the topic) it gets you more accurate results than the local search.

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Welcome aboard Mel, glad to have you.

Before you invest a lot of time designing your own forge you might want to take a look at what some of us experienced old farts have to say about all the forges we designed early on that are collecting dust in odd corners of our shops. Even my later builds aren't as practical as I was SURE they were.

Heck my last one isn't right, close but . . . Oh nevermind. :blink:

Frosty The Lucky.

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