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Hammer heating up

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The amount of oil I need to keep the hammer lubed is incredible.  The hammer seized up yesterday.  That was fun taking apart.  Five hours later and a few mods later I'm back in business.  Today I lubed the heck out of it and the hammer is hot as a pistol.  Does the high density plastic swell?  Would brass bearing surfaces be any better?  At least I know what to do with my used oil....and before you jump on that one, lol, I've been using new 5-30w.  Marine grade axle grease wasn't the cure either. Help

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Agreed.  I used it today for a while.  Not much.  It didn't heat up but I'm still watching it closely. Next week I'll price some brass sheet.  I like the hammer just the same.  I did a project that would take me 20 hours of work and got it down to 6.  That is a ton of time and fuel savings. Also easier on the arms.

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