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I got interested in blacksmithing about 3 months ago and I'm trying to get a forge this summer. Until then I am preparing and getting tools, my uncle found an anvil in his barn and there is this big hole in the side and I was wondering what is the purpose of it?



anvil hole.jpg

anvil hole2.jpg


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The anvil appears to be cast, light weight, and hollow.

Why wait until summer for a forge? Find a fuel in your area that is cheap, and plentiful and build a forge to use that fuel. The forge section on IForgeIron should give you many ideas. 

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NOW IS THE TIME to be reading. Use the time that will later be dedicated to track to study blacksmithing before track season.

At 15 you still have the energy to do everything, so break out a couple of hours each day and blacksmith, whether it is reading, researching on the computer, playing with modeling clay, or cleaning out a space for a shop. At the end of a week you will have accumulated 10-12 hours of time, information, and knowledge, EACK WEEK !!  

Now if you count March, April, and May until summer gets here, you will have 120-145 hours. If you count 40 hours in a work week that is over 3 full weeks of blacksmithing. Your call.


I do hope you thanked your uncle for the anvil find. Ask him to keep looking. Look up TPAAAT and put it to use for finding tools and anvils.


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