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Question about heat treating

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Hi. I came upon this interesting link.

Heat Treatment

To summarize, the document advocates quenching in brine, interrupting the quench at 900F (no color), air cooling, then slow cooling from 400F or so on down. I tried this, and was not able to get my steel to harden (pallet strapping and bandsaw blade). The alloy is hardenable, as the pallet strapping tested out at about 50-60 points of carbon (not 1095!!!!). Interestingly enough, when I annealed the steel in ashes (dead soft), there was a hard spot where the tongs gripped it.

According to the explanations and the TTT diagram, the technique should work. It is very similar to marquenching or Intensiquenching. Has anybody had any experience with this technique, either positive or negative. :confused: Thanks!

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How did you determine the austinetic point?

Magnet trick, then heat a little bit longer. OK, I realize that it is not that great, but I cannot see recalesense (sp?) very well. And the magnet trick works just fine for heat treating chisels. Should I have used a tempilstik?
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