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new stuff for me


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lemme know what you think

I recently build a 2x72 grinder and have been trying all kinds of new stuff

the dovetail bolsters worked out decently well, the fit of the slabs to the bolster isn't as tight as i would like but its hardly noticable (i did cabinetry grade wood work for many years, im a picky SOB)

the tapered tang went surprisingly smoothly, i put in all the angles and bevels at the forge and did a really pretty good job, didn't have much grinding to clean up at all

a "loveless" style handle. I've been looking at a LOT of pictures lately and felt the need to try a new handle shape, this being the first one its a smidge tight for a reversed inside grip (especially with my big xxx hands) but is really comfortable in other grips,

also i have been making a concerted effort to slim down my handles, i went through a bunch of my older blades and realized that i made some big xxxx handles......

I feel like I pushed myself and am happy with the results.





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Hey Stephen,

I really like this knife because you did everything right!

A lot of people cut corners and don't bother doing certain things (or doing them right), but you did extremely well in keeping this blade tidy. It's all even; a well tapered tang, well seated handle scales, and really nice dovetail bolsters.

Keep up the great work!

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