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Here is a wrench axe I made for my brother for a Christmas gift.  He specifically wanted it to be a made from a wrench.  He came across a you tube video of the one Miller Knives posted and thought it was cool but I thought I would do something a little more different.  I then searched and found the largest wrench I could find on Ebay.  I do need to get the Axe back to maybe doing a leather wrap handle and perhaps even a sheath.  It weighs about 5 pounds and the cutting edge is 6 inches.  Let me know your thoughts.  Thanks.






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If you made it for the purpose of scaring someone out of their wits than you did a super good job! If you want to chop wood with it, your wrist will be on fire. If you have ever used a maul where someone got the bright idea to weld a steel pipe to it and call it a handle, you know what I'm talking about.

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Funny thing there are tools designed to cut bigger things that folks have been proving in designs for *centuries*---they are called axes...

On the edge retention: how many hundreds of hours of use has it seen? Or how did you judge edge retention besides use? Wrenches are generally a medium carbon steel for toughness; what did that spark as?

I'd call that an Orcish tongue depressor.

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Doh!  ok ok Yeah lol, I probably should have tested it more.  I didn't go chopping in metal rods etc, just wood around the house.  My brother lives in the city, so i doubt this thing will ever get used and just will be looked at.   Spark was medium from about what I could tell.  That's a pretty good name for it. 

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