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I Forge Iron

Want to make a small transportable forge


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I am a complete beginner when it comes to forging and I won't pretend like I know anything. I currently work in metal-casting and welding and wanted to get into forging to broaden my knowledge. I've been researching into a lot of beginner forges and I keep coming back to brake drum forges, probably because of the cast iron and easiness to scavenge them. I have a semi brake drum sitting around the shop which I heard was too large to use but I could always melt it and pour into a better shape.

Overall, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself on the forum and I am always open to criticism.

Once I have time after the holidays settle down I can post some pictures of what I am starting with and I hope to get some feedback.

Thanks everyone!

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Not so too large as too deep, and the modifications are much more effort than getting a brake disc, used or otherwise. You end up using way too much fuel and not being able to get your stock where you want it. Discs generally work very nicely for a beginner. 

If you look in the blueprints for the 55 forge, (google might be faster than search on here) it's a fairly easy build, a couple of hours tops with an angle grinder and the 2" pipe fittings. (try plumbing supplies, the box stores rarely carry them, Ace maybe...) Basically a disc brake forge in a modified 55 gallon drum. It's also not hard to do a brake disc forge in a metal cart, like the cheap ones from Harbor Freight.

Don't know your background casting, but aside from the huge safety issues, recasting a drum is still far more effort than it's worth when you can get a disc for nada, or blow the money on a firepot.


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It's not personally mine. It's a shop I work at. We have two induction furnaces... one for Al and Brass, and the other for iron and we do mostly green sand castings. They let me use for personal use as long as I pay for materials.

I just looked up the 55 forge. I like the idea. I'll probably just scrap the semi drum.

I'll have to look into casting a standard firepot and how easy it would be to cast.


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The side blast version of the 55 Forge is quick, easy, and works. Just a pan and a pipe with no welding or other parts involved.  It can be modified in many ways to get the size and type heat you want for your forging needs.

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