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some one asked me for a pic of a trip hammer hear it is

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lo all this trip hammer is in patersons spaid mill near tempilpatric N Ireland the national trust owns and runs the mill. it is posibly the oldest surviving spaid mill in europ the hammer and 90% of the machenery in the mill run of a water turbine that was made in the USA in the 1870 s the shaft of the hammer is elm but hole pine tree trunks have been used in the past . the hammer is mostly used for plating but is verry versitile

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In an attempt to clear up the confusion, this expanation may be more confusing. :( :? :)

HAMMER - a means to administer a blow to a thing or object.

HELVE - the handle of a tool or weapon that is used to make it perform its function. In this instance an over arm of wood or iron with a metal die affixed to one end that performs the task of hammering.

POWER HAMMER - generally any tool, mechanically powered by water, steam, air, internal combustion engine or electricity etc, used to deliver shaping blows to an object or thing.

TILT HAMMER - also TRIP HAMMER - a helve style hammer that is moved to its uppermost position by an affair that has cogs that make contact with the opposite end of a helve or overarm pivoted at somewhere in the middle of the helve or overarm, when the end of the helve slips off the cog the helve drops freely to a predesignated point of contact. Varying the length of the cog or the pivot point or the weight of the attached head will give either harder or softer blows.

HELVE HAMMER - antiquity see TILT HAMMER : modern - a power hammer with an over arm or helve of wood or metal with a power up and power down stroke by use of a pitman attached in front of or behind the helve pivot point and operated by an eccentric on the end of a mechanically powered shaft. The modern helve, due to the power down stroke, will operate much faster and give a harder blow than the cog configuration of old. The modern helve also has a spring mechanism in the drive system to compensate for varying thickness's between the top and bottom dies.

OLIVER HAMMER - a simple foot power mechanical hammer originally used by nail makers to deliver a more powerful blow. Basically a sledge hammer positioned above an anvil with the end of the handle secured to a pivoting shaft with a spring affair to move the head back to a raised position and the downward motion operated by a foot lever to the pivoting shaft. The foot pressure used to make the downward stroke must be enough to overpower the spring tension holding the hammer in the up position.

TREADLE HAMMER - the modern version of an OLIVER HAMMER, but with a more complicated construction design.

POWER HAMMER (modern version) - a machine that operates usually from a mechanically powered shaft positioned above the working dies and attached to an eccentric on the end of the shaft which power's the top die up and down at a given rate by a pitman equipped with a spring mechanisim to compensate for the varying thickness of material between the top and bottom die.

STEAM HAMMER - the industry standard for many years in heavy industry with the top die moved up and down by introducing steam above or below a ram in an enclosed cylinder to work material between a top and bottom die. Usually operated by two men, one manipulating the work and the other working the operating levers. Even a small one of these required a massive boiler and a boiler attendant to operate.

AIR HAMMER - a modern smaller version of the old steam hammer scaled down to be used by a single person in a small shop and requiring an air compressor of sufficient size to operate it.

All of the above are actually considered POWER HAMMERS.

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