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Occasional table Palm frond design

David Kailey

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So I sat down with a customer and we finalized the design. Even laying out the bar stock and looking at textured samples. All was approved, but when i was finished she said, she didn't like it because it looked to "heavy" lol........deposit forfeited.

But I made a few modifications and was able to sell it with a glass top for a couple hundred more then I was commissioned to build it for. Many off you may not agree with what I did next but I returned the customer's deposit.... she was very happy and she said she wanted to get another piece made so I gave her a number to a designer I like and said she could help her figure out exactly what she wants....... That way I will get a set of plans and so long as its built to spec. I will get paid and the designer will have to fight it out with the customer. lol












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It doesn't look all that heavy to me lol. Some people just don't know what they want. 

It looks great and it's good you were able to still turn  profit on it even if it wasn't the original customer.

Truth is I'm glad my wife didn't see those pictures or she might want me to make something like it even though we have nowhere to put it. 

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2 hours ago, olfart said:

That's some beautiful work, but it raises the age-old question;  "If it's an occasional table, what is it the rest of the time?"  :rolleyes:

Storage Table.......Cause if its anything like mine it ends up being the collect all.......mail, keys, books, school bags, glasses......ect

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