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A Couple Little Knives

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A couple little blacksmith knives.

The first is hardened and sharpened, and is quite the nice little whittler. I made it out of a 4" piece of 1/4" Nail. 

The second has yet to be hardened, I have annealed it to do some file work first. I made it from 6" x 1/2" mild square.

I chose to go with mild steel, knowing full well that they would not be the strongest knives, but in doing so, I can work on technique and control without using up my good metal. These are two of the first knives I actually forged blade to tang, not the best but I'm very happy with them!

Thanks for reading!


Blacksmith Knife (1).JPG

Blacksmith Knife (2).JPG

I also thought I'd throw in my first start to finish K.S.O. 

It's sharp as a razor........until you use it! :P


K.S.O. w. Antler Handle & Brass Hilt.JPG

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"Strong" isn't the issue, it's edge holding ability. I'm sure that even my knife abusive ways would not destroy a mild steel knife, but I would soon wear it to nothing trying to keep it sharp.

That said, I can't fault your style, particularly the bowie

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people can get paper cuts too, but I dont suggest using paper to field dress your deer

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