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Help with 50# LG in Athens


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Hoping for some advice on tuning a LG 50# hammer ( new style) I just received.

Hadn't been run in a few years and clutch pulley  was nearly stuck with old grease and would not release. after replacing alemite fittings finally pumped enough grease to somewhat free it. The original 3 phase motor is rated at 900 rpm so it looks like at best I can get 180 bpm with current pulleys. The ram was sticking at TDC until I loosened the top gib somewhat but it still seems to have friction there to change rotation where it is not smooth.

The clutch does not grab as well as I think it should but still tries to run-on when I release pedal. I can stop rotation by hand so it is not dragging too much.

Seems not to be hitting very hard it wont demolish 3/4 walnut like 25# on youtube.

Do the rams often need facing or scraping and should I remove ram and inspect?

I am lubing with bar oil liberally and moly impregnated grease on front and back.

I checked end play which is 25 thousandths.

One more question, when  I started to lift from mainshaft near rear pulley when installing unit  and noticed some vertical play in shaft.. Best I can measure, it has 10 thou play upward after removing v- belts. The babbitt shims look pretty thick and wonder if I should remove  one near the rear pulley.

Any help appreciated..


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