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Smooth move.....???

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About 15 years ago my son lugged home a huge piece of steel he'd found on the shoulder of the road along our property. It was 250+lbs.....I couldn't budge the thing, so I am totally guessing at the weight. It was apparently some sort of counterweight for a piece of heavy equipment that had fallen off a low-boy or whatever. It lay in our yard by a tree base for years and I just mowed around it and sputtered about it being there. Keep in mind I was anvil shopping all the time it was there, but I had blinders on and never thought outside the box as far as anvils go. It was 3' or so long, maybe 10" wide, and one side was flat as a pancake. When scrap hit a new high a few years ago it was loaded up with all the other "worthless" metal on the old farm and carted off to the recyclers. I never tried to I.D. the thing by putting a picture on any forum, never even remember any stamping or marks on the thing at all, but now I am kicking myself for possibly tossing out a great surrogate anvil, or worse....scrapping something that was worth enough to by a GREAT anvil!

Okay folks....sock it to me, smooth move or just one more of my numerous dumb-xxxx decisions?

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It depends if it was a peice of cast iron, cast steel or cut plate. In the first case, better than nothing, I the latter two cases, you let a perfectly good anvil get away. 

Many things lend themselves to being repurposed as anvils, rail way track, rail car knuckles, rail car axles, excavator/dozer pins, rock crusher parts ect. 

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