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  1. Sorry Pnut, I just saw you request. I only have my phone as a camera, and don't know how to do it from the phone. I'll see if I can find a way to get a photo on here.
  2. I picked up a beautiful 4" Monday p.m. for $70. It also needed a spring. I went out to my trapping stuff and grabbed the spring off an old (I've owned it 50+ years!)Victor no. 1 long-spring. Works like a charm. The vise has a number 5 on the underside of the screw-down plate. Any ideas as to it's maker?
  3. My All Purpose Boy is an oil field worker. I can get sucker rod by the literal ton. Why do I need to stay away from the stuff used in sour gas wells, and just as importantly....how can you tell what type well it was in????
  4. That is a great looking Wilkinson anvil. I have one nearly identical, except mine is just a few pounds lighter at 143 lbs. A REAL STEAL!
  5. Can any of you folks give me the name of a good metal touchmark making company. I have improved my abilities enough that I want to sign my work!
  6. I paid $150 for a 90lb. Columbian near Farwell a couple summers ago. I was tickled pink to get the darn thing, I'd been looking for a long while.
  7. j.morse


    Taxidermist....recently retired.
  8. considering the fact that my shop was also my full-time taxidermy studio for near 30 years, I have had all manner of weird animals come through my door......most of which were deceased at the time.
  9. Once again you've made "beautiful things"!
  10. Wow, I am experiencing anvil envy big-time!! What a great deal. Was that thing bought in Michigan? If so, what county?
  11. It sure resembles my Wilkinson. Does it say anything on its sides?