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Hello all, Im new to this site, but not new to the craft, and I have to say it's a relief to find a site such as this. I have checked out alot of them and found most not worth investing alot of time in, but I have enjoyed perusing here.
have been forging for about 20 years(mostly in the form of knives) but also decorative hardware. I now make my living as a fulltime knifemaker in Kodiak, Alaska, an Island a hundred plus miles off the coast of mainland Alaska, so our motto tends to be "if ya didn't bring it here you probably wont find it". Being in the middle of the Pacific means that most things you find here are either stainless, galvanized, or aluminum, basically a blacksmiths nightmare. Anyway, I run a pretty well equipped shop, and I'm still always learning something new, but I hope I can contribute as well. viking-sword

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